The Development of ArcheAge

archage player

ArcheAge promises to be one of the most complete games ever offered. It is an enormous and ambitious undertaking but the beta reports are looking like it will green light a full release soon. What will take some getting used to is the fact that the game play in this world is so comprehensive and intense. This isn’t a game where you will be able to cheat code your way to success; it is going to take hard and dedicated work to build your influence and to hold on to it. It does promise to make World of Warcraft look like it is a simplified version of what a real online multi-player gaming world can be.

What’s New in the Game and How it Works

Learning the new navigation isn’t hard, but the new in game social aspect can take some getting used to. There are ways in which to keep the in game and out of game chats open and you can also post to your threads while playing. One thing that is still uncertain is how accessible the social network will be when there is live time international competition. While strategy cheating isn’t that much of a concern yet, it isn’t hard to imagine it could be.

What Makes it the Game to Try

ArcheAge is becoming the game to try because it offers more than the usual multi-player role gaming setup. The play and character development is solid, as well as the combat situations and opportunities to grow standard stats and value stats. The value stats development almost plays like they took the concept from the GTA series of ownership and business and expanded it to hold the strategic role playing environment. You can develop your own character, but you can also develop the NPC characters that are following you.

Does it Play Well on Many Platforms?

Right now ArcheAge is not released on any platforms other than its proprietary network access via PC. That could change in the near future. The addition of the social network can hold the promise of one of two ways of development. They could be looking to develop their own standalone environment, or they could be developing the game software enough to allow it to be integrated with an existing system that features a communications network. The way the current navigation options and inventory screens are designed it is easy to imagine them porting over well to any other style of home entertainment system.

What does the Future Hold?

ArcheAge has advanced features and freemium features that can add to your experience in the game. While it has taken a while for this release to come to pass, what it is showing as the projected game development is getting people thinking about what the next version will bring. With the core game design being rooted in a Second Life sandbox format, almost anything could happen in the future. It depends on what the developers decide as their first road to take once they bring the game out of its beta release. Players everywhere are just waiting to get ahold of all of ArcheAge.