Bermuda is a group of about 300 coral islands and islets which form a chain in the western Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is a British Crown Colony, about 1,200 kilometers (745 miles) southeast of New York City and 1,046 kilometers (650 miles) east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. The island chain stretches 35 kilometers (22 miles) from northeast to southwest in the form of a fishhook.

The islands are quite flat, with a rocky surface. There are no freshwater streams, lakes, or wells. A large distillation plant provides water for drinking and washing. The Bermuda Islands are bathed by the warm waters of the Gulf Stream as they move north from the Gulf of Mexico. This makes them ideal for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and yachting. The climate is just like that of Miami in southern Florida–sunny all the year round but never oppressively hot. This climate and its location near the United States attracts over 500,000 tourists every year.

The chief islands, long and narrow in shape, are linked by bridges and raised roads called causeways. In the center of the biggest island called Main Island or Great Bermuda, is the capital, Hamilton, which has an excellent natural harbor and a population of 1,565. This island accounts for two-thirds of the area of all the islands, which is only 53 square kilometers (20.5 square miles). The other large islands are Somerset, Boaz, Ireland, St. George and St. David.

People often think of Bermuda as being in the West Indies but in fact the nearest West Indian island is 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) away and Bermudans do not think of themselves as West Indians at all. Well over half the total population of the islands consists of Negroes, descendants of slaves brought from Africa in the 17th and 18th centuries.

The people earn their living chiefly from the tourist trade. Some employment is provided also by the United States naval and air bases, which were built early in World War II on land leased, or rented out, to the United States government for 99 years. Land has also been reclaimed from the sea for bases. Vegetable growing and fishing (especially for lobsters, a growing and popular local dish) are other important occupations and there is a valuable lily-growing industry. Lily bulbs and blooms from Bermuda find a good market in the United States. At Easter, the lily fields are a lovely sight. Pharmaceutical products (drugs and medicines), and perfume essences are made in several small factories and are among the country’s main exports.

BlueStinger: A Dreamcast Classic

blue stinger

Setting Up

By going into the Options, you can change the difficulty level of the game, the differences being:

  • The life meter Eliot begins the game with is 5o units long (Dogs will have 7o at his starting point) on Easy and Medium difficulties, whereas it will only have 4o units (6o for Dogs) on Hard difficulty.
  • The enemy’s life meter is longer with each increase in difficulty. The enemy’s attack strength increases the harder the difficulty. The higher the difficulty, the fewer coins each enemy will drop.

Basic Gameplay Elements

Holding either the analog stick or the directional pad toward an object white your character is standing next to it will cause your character to push it. Keep in mind that only certain objects through-out the game are movable.

Your character’s speed is determined by his health. For example, if you are injured badly, you may limp along slowly, but if you’re in good health, you’ll be able to run.

When choosing weapons to equip Eliot with, remember that he has both a long-and short-range category. Dogs on the other hand can only equip one weapon at a time, even though his selection of weapons contains both types.

Most enemies, except for the larger boss types and tentacles, respawn when you re-enter a room. This helps when you’re trying to collect money to purchase some of the more expensive items in the game.

You must step away from doors and pas-sages before you can re-enter them.

KISS Saving System Terminals

These Memory Stations, upon their inspection, allow you to save your game in one of up to six files. Also, after completing a game of Blue Stinger, you will have the option of creating a “Cleared Game” save file. This allows you to begin a new game with whatever money and bonuses you’ve earned in the previous game. Each save Me you use takes four blocks on your VMU.

Map Download Stations

Upon their inspection, these green terminals allow you to download a full map for the surrounding area. If you have not downloaded an area map, only rooms or areas you have already entered will appear on the map, with your current location shown in red. Vending Machines: Throughout the game you will be able to use many different types of vending machines to purchase various items, weapons and ammunitions. Items: There are two categories from which you will find items throughout the game. The first type, which are categorized as “Food,” consist of health-related items usable at any time. If struck while using one of these items, it’s possible to have it knocked from your hands before it’s used. The second falls under the category of “Other,” and these are items usable only at specific times, like cards, keys and such. This type of item is used automatically when needed, so viewing one of them from the menu only gives you information on it. Keep in mind that most keys must be used at terminals next to the doors that they unlock.

What is Minecraft and Why It’s Worth $2.5 Billion

Mojang sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion. Shall I call them Mineosoft? If you haven’t heard of Minecraft, here is a quick explanation.

Minecraft is a challenging and fun game adored by the gamers all over the world. There are many other similar popular free games available online, but none are as good. Although this game comes with a price tag, no other game comes closer to its gameplay because of its fun-filled, creative and challenging nature. The initial version, when the game was launched for the first time, was much simpler. However, the Minecraft community grew exponentially and gradually it received more development and support. Despite all of its changes and complexity, the game’s popularity remained unchanged.

Minecraft is a sandbox building video game created by Markus Persson (aka Notch), a Swedish programmer under the care of his company Mojang. His creation was subsequently taken over by Jens Bergensten in 2011 under the pseudonym ‘Jeb’. This game focuses on creativity and crafting, or building, which allows players to build things with cubes made of different textures. The primary object of the Survival mode is to build shelters in order to ward off monster attacks. In Creative mode, the game becomes a whole new game. Players are given unlimited resources and the ability to fly, allowing the player to build anything to his or her heart’s content.When the game is generated, the player’s character is spawned at a random spot in a randomly generated world. The game can be played in three different modes, and they are: Survival, Hardcore, and Creative. The Hardcore mode is the same thing as Surival except it’s much harder as players only have one life. The older version of the game is still available to the players, and the unrevised version of Classic is also available free.

The success story ofMinecraft began from the first day of its launching. Since its inception, it was never free from criticism but its’ “never before experience” made its promoters millionaire overnight. As its popularity is mounting day by day, the users and players are searching for ways to get this game free.

Minecraft is one of the newest popular games in the gaming world. They are taking every attempt to prevent all illegal efforts of free access by many players. The price of at $27.00 may seem slightly high for a PC game, but like other good games, we must accept that good things in life do not come free. If you want to get the latest full version of this game, you may need to purchase a premium account. However, if you just simply want to know how it works, a demo available online where you can try your hand with one or two tricks of this game. If you want to try one or two tricks like million gamers please follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Create an account on Minecraft website. It is the entry point to free game.
  2. Check how the website performs on a factor program.
  3. Receive Your Minecraft gift Code from the award area on the website.
  4. Enjoy the wondrous game and discover many new experiences.

If any interested gamers are financially unsound cannot really afford to buy this game, he can request for a compromised consideration for free accessibility to the game. He simply has to check the authenticity of the free version.

The game has received many awards from Game Developers Conference. So far millions of people have bought the game and is available of many platforms. Minecraft has received many positive reviews and has been praised for its relaxed creative freedom among the users.

6 Reasons Why You Need to Play Minecraft

minecraft game

The famous game Minecraft is all about placing and breaking of blocks, if you didn’t know already. It was first created by the Swedish programmer Markus Persson and later got published and developed by the game development company Mojang. It is played by gamers of all ages across many different platforms and you can make beautiful things while playing it. By the way, you can try Minecraft for free on your browser on version 1.5.2. There are various benefits of playing this game, and some are given as follows:

  1. Though Minecraft is advertised as a game, it wasn’t long before schools, universities and homeschoolers similarly started discovering its huge prospective as an instrument for education. In this game, kids research, take risks and acquire from their errors in an amusing and appealing environment. People use it all the time in schools, for things like construction of Egyptian pyramids and elucidating the method by which the car engines work, it is actually a handy tool for players as well as parents.
  2. This game is not just one more online video game, where players sit inertly gazing at a display as they run from place to place trying to gather points or erase evil guys. It’s an engrossing and communicating playground, where the continuous encounters needs the brain to work really tough for the period of every instant of the game.
  3.  At its most simple level Minecraft is a very benign video game that the kids can play. There is no bad language, sex, guns, drugs or blood. The violence is negligible and not explicit, regularly used for survival instead of being used in the combat, and can be completely evaded if you want to.
  4. Not only can it have a strong grip over a player’s attention, it is a game where putting that strong focus is nurtured and remunerated. Being capable to effectively keep track of more than a few tasks at one time and all the diverse things that are happening everywhere around you is an intricate skill to cultivate, and is the crucial point to endure and enjoy the game.
  5. At a phase when there is so much anxiety over the seeming incapability of kids to pay attention and remain busy, it is extraordinary to see how they can so effortlessly devote many times on end for weeks, days and months at a time constructing and preparing and working on their several self-initiated game’s projects.

Minecraft is an extremely flexible game, with choices that permit players to tailor it to their abilities and the way they would like to play it like making the monsters off, make the contests tougher, set aims for them to finish. It’s a game that can develop with the player as they grow into more expert and well-informed.

Getting Ahead in World of Warcraft

wow gameplay

When most people think of online multi-player gaming environments they think of World of Warcraft, or WoW. It is one of the largest multi-player environments ever to have existed and players log in from all over the world (although recently they have lost many subscribers probably due to players testing out Diablo III: Reaper of Souls). What has become a source of fascination to many is the way that the virtual gaming world has spawned a virtual out of game world that players are equally as involved in. It also has spawned some real life problems that make the management of the WoW environment one of the pioneering environments for online social interaction.

Improving your Character Development

WoW has many expansions plans that will release new terrains and world maps with varying resources. As they become available they will be issued as updates through the store to your registered account. While this game is designed as a long play game it is easy to get ahead by building up your resources and stats enough so you can engage in more effective strategy in warfare and trade.

WoW doesn’t have a lot of cheat codes available, but what is available can help you immensely. One of the simplest ones to use is the choice of profession. If you are a Warrior or Paladin, be a blacksmith – this will speed up your skill, health and stats gain. If you are anything else – don’t pick blacksmith, it will slow you down.

Many other fantasy role playing games have opted for the freemium business model – where certain features are held back and available only to those who pay first – the game has combined pay and free play. You can access all of the features without buying anything, but you do have to spend the time online playing to get them.

You can push your character, resources and inventory forward with some quick in game purchases. Remember that just because you have them doesn’t mean you know how to use them well in the game. Don’t rely on in game purchases to get ahead all of the time; you cannot replace experience when it comes to surviving in this world whether adventuring or in combat.

What is the Best Approach?

One of the things that dedicated players of WoW have to look forward to in later versions is a better integration of the character persona with the player avatar. World of Warcraft has also begun investing the time into enhancing player experience within the social network with the first code list for in game and in network emoticons appearing. There is also a growing list of line commands that have less to do with the game then with the game experience.  This isn’t to say that you won’t be seeing new modules and expansion packs, but that developers have come far enough to be able to make the player experience on the network as important as the experience in the game.

Camp Miiverse Challenges on Wii U

camp miiverse

Camp Miiverse is a new area of the social network Miiverse that is available to players on Wii U. It is designed to promote cross play between the games on the Wii U so that you can share your accomplishments more easily. Miiverse has only been out for a while and this latest incarnation also includes some fixes that make the experience of using it as your primary social gaming network even better. There is nothing like it on any other gaming system.

Why Camp Miiverse Makes its Experience Better?

There is no other gaming system that offers a built in social network for members that allows you to interact across game types, and that also serves as a support for games on the console. Camp Miiverse represents the next phase in the Nintendo Wii U world. At its central point you can find challenges posted that apply to the individual games.

Players can then go into the games, complete the challenge and then post their results in the game dedicated area of Miiverse. There are also allowances for forum discussions that are specific to each game as well. This starts to increase your connections in the Miiverse with players in different games so you can begin to get to know more players and have more challenges.

Other Changes – Decreased Post Times

Nintendo is being very responsive to feedback about the functionality of the Miiverse social network. With Camp Miiverse they address several problems and implement some suggestions from players. There are more line breaks and differences between game areas that make it easier to navigate. In game player communication, and cross communication between games is also enabled.

Why Cross Game Communication is Important

While just about every gaming system allows for either in-game communication between players of the same game; or it allows for general communication outside of game play only Miiverse allows for cross game communication. This means you can spend time with your friends without also having to be playing the exact same game.

This is an enormous step in increasing the social interactivity of the Miiverse world and Wii U gaming. Since many of its newer releases are challenge dependent, you know longer will miss out on seeing your friends or playing. Instead of having to spend a lot of time coordinating time zones to meet online in one game, you can just go on line to the game you want and then find your friends wherever they may be.

Other Important Updates

Camp Miiverse also allows you to save and use your favorite profiles from the games on it as your social network profile. You can even build an album of your high point profiles stats from all the games. As easily as you can favorite profiles too, you can also choose to hide “Yeah!” responses from your feed. This is something that Facebook might want to take a lesson on. If you want to see the latest posts, but don’t want to have your timeline cluttered up with the responses, this is the setting to use.